Our Treatment

Our Treatment

Do you know that Alcoholism and Drug Addiction is a Disease? It is Treatable

  • Counselling

    Making the alcoholic / addict and their family, aware of the disease before treating the alcoholic / addict.

  • Detoxification

    Initial 10 to 15 days of Medical treatment for withdrawal of alcohol/drugs.

  • Rehabilitation

    Resident programme of 6 months, which could be extended if necessary, which includes Group and Individual Counselling, Yoga, Meditation, Physical Exercises, Games, Work Therapy and Meetings.

  • Family Counselling

    Discuss and resolve family problems as much as possible with the patient and their family during family meetings.

  • Follow up

    Patient has to do a follow up at the centre as planned after discharge and HE HAS TO DO REGULAR AA / NA MEETINGS OUTSIDE.